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Imperfect or Lightly Used Mack Clamps (set of two)

Imperfect or Lightly Used Mack Clamps (set of two)

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Because we keep our standards high here at Mackey Innovations we do our best to only send perfect samples to our customer. However, this means that we have a bunch of perfectly good barbell collars that failed quality inspection because of small nicks, dings, scratches or other cosmetic issues.... Think of a lift that only gets 2 white lights from the judges. Yes, its not perfect but it is still perfectly good!

Instead of having a pile of these imperfect clamps stack up in our warehouse, we have decided to offer them for sale at a big discount! Only available here!

We guarantee that these clamps will perform at the same level as the regular priced and brand new Mack Clamps. See the product pictures to get an idea of the imperfections before you buy. Always feel free to email us if you have any questions or want to see more pictures before you pull the trigger.

Contact us:

We use Gmail to allow for easier communication with our international customers.

The product images will be updated parodically to show the actual cosmetic defects of the actual collars we will ship out.


Our world's strongest barbell clamps are available now! Maximize your weightlifting potential with clamping power and confidence that can't be matched. Embrace the challenge and get ready to level up.

The Mack Clamps are the last barbell clamps you will ever have to buy.
An extremely strong grip on any standard Olympic barbell (50 mm diameter) or specially bar, such as an axel bar, that is 1.9" in diameter.

The Mack Clamps weigh 1.0 lbs each and can hold tremendous force. The entire product is made of corrosion resistant material.

See our Design page to learn more now.

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